In our tourist accomodation apartments you will be pleasantly surrounded by traditional Venetian masks, typical of Venice, whose origins date back to 1000 years ago to the Carnevale where everyone wearing a mask is free to play any role  and can freely demonstrate any "transgression". The entire city celebrates the festivity with music and dancing. Their anonymity is guaranteed by the mask, making everyone is equal. They are free to vent their stresses.
The masks completely hide their identity with no social, class, gender or religious distinctions shown. Everyone behaves according to his changed appearance. Participating in a collective disguise is the very essence of  the Carnevale. It is a carefree time, relief from their daily routines prejudices and gossip, even from their own personal challenges. It is much like a large theatre stage in disguise, in which actors and spectators come together in a unique and immense procession of shapes and colors.
The masks that you can admire in "casarossoveneziano" are hand made. They are not plastic!
To make a real paper mache mask is not easy. Would you like to try?
You need glue and paper. The daily newspapers are the ones that are best suited to give you a cardboard quality. How? Shred the papers into small pieces and soak them in a bowl of water for 2 weeks.
The macerated pulp is removed from the water and squeezed, forming small  balls that are then pounded into a fine maceration. When ready to use add  glue to the mixture until you obtain a sticky and malleable "dough" that is applied in layers in making the mask.